February 2016


After the success of last year’s fundraising party, we were able to keep the projects a float. At $40 SDG a person, it may not seem like life changing contributions but collectively we have made that difference. Your donations and generosity goes toward covering the basic needs such as rent, utility, resources, education, and most importantly food. With this, we’re able to keep the children off the streets peddling for cash and changing a community through free education.

Since we started this project, there has been lots of development for both the English school and the children’s shelter. Please go to their individual page for links to their website where you could read more about their progress and developments. If you would like to make donations directly you could also do so via their website. Recently, the founder of CTS, former PACDOC children’s shelter, has asked me to become an associate member. This will allow us to do more with the program in terms of reaching out to corporate donors.

For now, it’s that time to top up our balance. Mark your calendar; Friday APRIL 1st, 2016 at BluJazz Cafe, Singapore for another fantastic fundraising party (See UP COMING EVENTS page for more details). Please come support and/or hear more about the program. Again, 100% of the proceeds and donations will go towards the 2 program VDCA (free English school) and CTS (children’s shelter). See below for 2015’s contributions:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.49.48 pm

VDCA : http://www.vdca-cambodia.org/

CTS:   http://www.ctscambodia.org/

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