Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof Fundraising party has been the main source for funding the Ymak Path Project. The party itself generates just about enough money to help pay for a year’s worth of financial support to both Toun Community Center (TCC) and the Volunteer Development Children Association (VDCA). Each year the party is lined-up with amazing acts, performers, and volunteers who has graciously given their time and hearts to supporting this cause. Also special thanks to BLUJAZ Cafe, 11 Bali Lane Singapore for their continuous support.

March 10th, 2017 RTR #5

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Thank-you all of you who came out to Raise the Roof #5. We had a fantastic night with amazing music. Another successful night. We raised just over $8,800 SDG. This is just enough to continue our support to both the Children Shelter & English school for another year.For those who would still like to contribute just let me know. Also, thank you to everyone who helped out during the night from collecting money to getting on the dance floor.
Special Thanks To:
Tom Townsend , The Schmidt Family, Stephen Walker, Sarah M., Danny T.
The Nexus Band, The Trio + Rob, The Pukekos, AD HOCC


April 1st, 2016: RTR # 4

THANK YOU! to everyone for a fantastic FRIDAY night! We raised just over $8,700. Your support and generosity will have a tremendous impact our projects. – Special thanks to all of our performers: DANNY T., NADINE, STEPH, SEAN, JASON, HAYLEY, JAMIE, IAIN, AIDAN, ROB, LORNE, ANDY, EDDY, MOIRA, CLIVE, SIMON, DAVID and DARRYL. and to our Hosts: DAVE Tapley, TONY West, and STEPHEN Walker- Love to all of you!

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February 17, 2012: Inaugural RTR 2012 

Raise the Roof will be our first fund-raising event at BluJaz Cafe- 3rd floor on Friday, February 17, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm. There will be music, laughter, banter, a live band, and open mic for those brave enough to show case their talents. Thank-you for your support especially:

  • AD HOC:  Jules, Adian, Rob, Ramesh, Oliver, and Tim,
  • Vocalist:  Ms. Nadine
  • Soloist:     Danny T.
  • Open Mic: Lorne & Garett, Ignacio, Dave M.,Kate, David D.,& Micheal
  • Host: Barry & Sean, Stephen Walker
  • Graphics/Photo team: Tim & Martin
  • Auctions: Foxy, Butch, Margaret, Gordon, Tom, Arin, Owain, & Jason
  • Behind the Scenes:  Solay, Tara, Jessica, & Noelle

THANK-YOU to everyone who supported Raise the Roof night and for those who couldn’t make it there will always be a “next time”. It was a fantastic night at BluJaz full of music, laughter and mayhem. It was a great success because of my amazing friends who ALL volunteered their services from laminating vouchers to being auctioned for the night. The bar manager of BluJaz also wants me to thank you as well.

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