Toun’s Community Center (TCC)

‘Helping poverty-stricken families stay together by providing food, education, transport, and childcare.’ 

Toun’s Community Center

Toun’s Community Center (TCC) used to be known as Preahatit Community Development Organization of Cambodia (PCDOC) is run by Toun Boran and his wife. Throughout the years the center has provided shelter, food, clothing and care for children among destitute families within the rural areas of Siem Reap. The main goal was to help poverty-stricken families provide basic care for their children. As of 2017, the center transitioned from a children’s shelter to a community center that would extend their services to allow children to remain with their families. The center offers daily pick-ups and drop-offs between their homes, school and the center itself. Since local schools are only 4 hours or less, the community center provides a safe and secure place for the children during the day. At the center, the children have access to lunch and dinner to help alleviate economic pressures on the families. 

YMakPathProject has been working with TCC since 2010. If you would like to learn more about this local NGO please click on the following link

YMak Path Project’s current commitment to TCC/PCDOC:                       

1. Monthly contributions of $300 usd (just enough for food supply & basic utilities).

2. To raise awareness and support for the children’s shelter.

3. Ensuring that all volunteer projects, visits, and donations through YMak Path Project will be carefully reviewed and monitored to ensure protection and safety of the children.

4. Assisting with the development the vocational training school for the local community.     

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Founders and Care Takers: Mr. and Mrs. Toun Boran

Service Projects at Toun’s Community Center:










CTS/PADOC’s Contact:                                                                                                                Founder: Toun Boran                                                                                                                       E-mail:                                                                                    Address: National Road.6 South of Siem Reap in Lolei Village near Lolei temple (Prsat) Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

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Mobile: (855) 12 449 096/ 97 705 4 705                                                                         Website

Contact YMak Path Project                                                                                                    

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