Raise the Roof Event


THANK-YOU to everyone who supported Raise the Roof night and for those who couldn’t make it there will always be a “next time”. It was a fantastic night at BluJaz full of music, laughter and mayhem. It was a great success because of my amazing friends who ALL volunteered their services from laminating vouchers to being auctioned for the night. The bar manager of BluJaz also wants me to thank you as well : ) For pictures of the event please go to http://gallery.me.com/sprecks#100413&view=mosaic&sel=0ymak@ BluJaz

Special THANKS to all those involved in the performances, donations, and organization process:  

AD HOC:         Jules, Adian, Rob, Ramesh, Oliver, and Tim,

Opening Act:    Ms. Nadine

Soloist:             Danny T.

Open Mic:        Lorne & Garett, Ignacio, Dave M.,Kate, David D.,& Micheal

Host:                Barry & Conners,

Graphics/Photo team: Tim & Sprecks,

Auctions:          Walker & Tim, Foxy, Butch, Margaret, Gordon, Tom, Arin, Owain, Jason, & Tanya’s massage therapist friend

Behind the Scenes:  Solay, Tara, Jessica, & Noelle

I’m not sure about posting our proceeds on line but here’s a quick overview of what I would like to do with the generous donations:
Short Term Goal – Upcoming March Visit:

1. Standard food and basic needs for the children’s shelter

2. Help pay for another boys’ dormitory at the children’s shelter

3. Check out what the English School needs (they just opened a second school)

Long Term Goals:

1. Set up a bank account just for the program for monthly wires to both the children’s shelter and English school.

2.  Monthly wires of 200 usd for the next 12 months to each of the program (children’s shelter and English school).

a. Children’s Shelter: covers the cost of just rice and cooking condiments for the month

 b. Local English school: electricity or basic utilities to keep the school running for the month

3. To start some sort of program with the children’s shelter to promote or encourage more parental/family visits. It’s important for the parent(s)/extended families of the children staying at the shelter to establish a connection and/or be re-united with their loved ones. A successful children’s shelter should only be just a temporary place for the children. They need to be with their families or loved ones but at the same time they need food and shelter as well. What to do? What to do? It is a bit of a matrix but I will see what I can do.

4. If you would like to donation directly to the organizations please go to their pages and there you will the find link to their website.

Once again THANK-You! for your kindness 🙂

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